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    Understanding JVM Internals

    by  • 24 October 2012 • JAVA, Programmazione • 0 Comments


    I wanted to point out this interesting article Understanding JVM Internals about JVM functional mechanisms, originally published from Cubrid blog reported also from DZone because as the author says: I don’t think that we need to review how Java has been developed to use Java well. So many Java developers develop great applications and libraries […]

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    Linux Live USB Creator

    by  • 26 August 2011 • Download, Sistemi Operativi, Software, System Administration • 0 Comments

    LILI USB Creator

    A free and open-source software for Windows to creates portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick running Linux. if you have always wanted to try Linux but do not have the time or skills to prepare your PC to install the operating system of the penguin, now with LILI USB Creator you can do without special knowledge and with minimal effort, just a simple USB stick and an Internet connection to download this free software […]

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    Anonymous net surfing with Tor

    by  • 24 August 2011 • Browser, Download, Software • 1 Comment


    Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks […]

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    SUSE Studio, the appliance creator

    by  • 18 August 2011 • Sistemi Operativi, Software, System Administration, Vetrina • 0 Comments

    SUSE Studio

    The project website tells: “your software, Everywhere!”, A revolutionary new way of creating technology, SUSE Studio born from the experience of SUSE in the Linux world, you can create, using only the Internet browser, an appliance based on  SUSE operating system “open” and “enterprise”, To do this, simply register or log in with OpenID credentials, we can begin to use the appliance “builder” or searching among the thousands already appliance created by other users, one that is right for […]

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    Rilasciato JQuery Mobile 1.0 Beta 2

    by  • 14 August 2011 • AJAX, JavaScript, Programmazione, Vetrina, Web Design • 0 Comments

    Rilasciato JQuery Mobile Beta 2

    Questa nuova beta apporta una discreto numero di miglioramenti alla libreria includendo: widgets separati in modo da poter includere nel progetto solo quelli di cui si ha effettivamente bisogno, sfruttamento della cache per il DOM per un minor utilizzo di memoria, un’opzione per il pre-cache della pagina, struttura delle pagine più flessibile, design delle check […]

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    Come cambiare lo sfondo della schermata di logon di Windows 7

    by  • 13 August 2011 • System Administration, Trucchi Windows, Vetrina • 9 Comments

    Windows 7 logon screen

    Con Windows 7 vengono forniti di serie molti sfondi nuovi ed interessanti, ma allo stesso tempo Windows 7 non fornisce un metodo semplice per modificare lo sfondo della schermata di logon, come fare allora per avere uno sfondo diverso per la schermata di logon o quando viene visualizzato il menu mediante la pressione della combinazione […]

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